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  • The objective of this training program is to train the attendees in the various aspects of Java – J2EE programming technologies with focus on ensuring understanding of the core concepts and ability to apply them to real world needs.


  • Learn all about J2EE and how to work with this new feature.
  • Get an introduction to J2EE.
  • Find out secrets for customizing the controls and working with resources.
  • See how to add Live.
    Web applications and HTTP basics
  • Servlet Life cycle.
  • Servlet container model.
  • http servlet package.
  • Session management.
  • JSP(Java Server Pages):
  • Declarations.
  • Scrip lets.
  • JSP Actions.
  • Model1 and Model2 Architectures
  • JSTL.
  • JNDI.
  • JTA (JavaTransactionAPI).
  • MS (JavaMessagingService).
  • RMI.
  • The EJB 3.0 Simplified API
  • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) in JEE
  • Intercepting methods
  • Building Interceptor Classes
  • Session Beans
    Java Persistence API (JPA)
    Entity Operations
  • The Entity Manager interface
  • Entity instance life cycle
  • Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL)
  • EJB 3.0 query language
  • Polymorphism
  • POJO
  • EJB Timer Service
  • Timer Service APIs
  • Programming with Timer Service
  • EJB Transactions
  • Transaction propagation
  • Transactions and exceptions
  • EJB Security
  • Security annotations
  • Roles, Groups and Permissions
  • Structs Frame Work
  • Eclipse.
  • Net Beans.
  • Tomcat.
  • Web logic.

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