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  • This CSS training course covers the fundamentals of CSS web design through expert tuition and hands-on exercises.
  • The course teaches delegates how to deliver identical, visually appealing, content to different browsers, applications, platforms, and devices, using Cascading Stylesheets (CSS).
  • On completion of this basic CSS training course delegates should be able to understand and apply core CSS, i.e. those parts of CSS1, CSS2 and CSS2.1 which are implemented in all modern web browsers.
  • Delegates are encouraged to follow CSS best practice and adhere closely to web standards, so that they continue to hone their skills after the course, rather than merely accumulating experience.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following areas is required

  • HTML


This CSS training class teaches students to use Cascading Style Sheets to format HTML pages.

  • Learn the benefits of CSS.
  • Learn to avoid using deprecated tags and attributes.
  • Learn CSS syntax.
  • Learn to use <div> and <span> tags appropriately.
  • Learn most of the common properties and their values.
  • Learn to create custom CSS cursors.
  • Learn to style links with CSS to create "CSS Buttons".
  • Learn to work with borders, margin, and padding (the box model).
  • Learn to style tables with CSS.

Prerequisites for this CSS Training

  • A good understanding of HTML or XHTML
  • Graphic ambition — actual talent is not required!
  • Willingness to unlearn outdated HTML formatting
  • Willingness to hand code HTML and CSS
    Crash Course in CSS
  • Benefits of Cascading Style Sheets
  • CSS Rules
  • Selectors
  • Precedence of Selectors
  • The Cascade
  • Creating an Embedded Style Sheet
  • Creating an External Style Sheet
  • Adding Inline Styles
  • <div> and <span>
  • Divs and Spans
  • CSS Fonts
  • Font - the old way
  • Font-family
  • Font-size
  • Font Family and Font Size
  • Font-style
  • Font-variant
  • Font-weight
  • Font Style, Font Variant and Font Weight
  • CSS Text
  • Line-height
  • Text-align
  • Text-decoration
  • Text-transform
  • Vertical-align
  • Text Properties
    Colors and Backgrounds
  • About Color Values
  • Color
  • Background-color
  • Background-image
  • Colors and Backgrounds
  • Custom Cursors
  • Cursor Styles
  • Custom Cursors
  • Using Custom Cursors
  • CSS and Links
  • Pseudo-classes
  • CSS Button Links
  • Modifying Links
  • Borders, Margins and Padding
  • Getting Started
  • Borders
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Borders, Margin and Padding
  • Styling Tables with CSS
  • A Review of HTML Table Syntax
  • Styling a table


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